Get ready for a style upgrade with our upcoming T-shirt collection, set to launch on February 10, 2024. Inspired by the bustling world of Konbini convenience stores, our six new designs capture the essence of 24/7 service. From the playful charm of cashiers to the energetic hustle of part-timers and the managerial elegance of store managers, each shirt tells a unique Konbini story.

Immerse yourself in the Konbini lifestyle with themes like “Cashier Vibes,” “Part-Timer Style,” and “Managerial Elegance.” Whether you’re a dayshift enthusiast or a nightshift wanderer, our collection has something for every Konbini enthusiast. The shirts feature comfortable, high-quality cotton fabric, ensuring a stylish and cozy fit.
Don’t miss the chance to embrace the convenience store culture with our limited-edition T-shirt collection. Mark your calendar for February 10th, and join us in celebrating the vibrant spirit of Konbini life!